The devil
had been everywhere


the day was march 15th, 1697 and fire and terror had been brought to a small new england village. one woman from this village stands alone in history, remembered now for her reaction to the unimaginable horror that befell her when she entered the woods that day a captive.

But one act cannot be the sum of an entire life.

This is the story of that woman, Hannah Duston. Great suffering followed her family and shaped the person who would eventually swing a hatchet and take many lives, some innocent of any wrong-doing.

Hannah was a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother. She lived in a world plagued with uncertainty, death and desperation. Yet she also had love in her life and that love fueled the choices she made, whether they be right or wrong.

Come meet Hannah, the young mother who suffered at the hands of a cruel father. The new wife who optimistically hoped for peace and safety. The expectant mother who is rejoiced to bring a child into this world and yet terrifed at the danger birth brings. The devoted sister who has to face a horrifying truth when that relationship ends in tragedy. The devasted mother who commits murder as grief rages through her being. The woman who walks away, freed from her captors, forever altered. Come meet her and ask yourself, what would I have done if it were me?